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Frankfurt Motor Show

The shots are simply superb!!!

Pavan Kaul

Wonderful work much beauty, information and detail...a visit is a must!


very nice documentary images here..


Jufran, er, Safran is mugging for the camera, as if saying "Hi, mom!". Meh.:D

dong ho

i actually learned from the news about john safran. sad to know that he made it for something else other than real devotion. but good that the tv company apologized.


Whether you agree with it or not, those images are very moving.

I'm not sure how I feel about the photo with the cross.


Oh man, this is a *very* unnerving series. I admire the shots, but my goodness, this looks like such an intimidating event - no wonder Diamond was reduced to tears, it's a complete and total culture shock to him, and to myself.

yiannis krikis

excellent documentary series

Michael Rawluk

That is a very strange ceremony. People trying to be Jesus. How do they choose the lucky one?

Ashish Sidapara

Great documentary images, its getting interesting!


I have to admit that it would be getting rather serious as the person was carrying the cross down the street. Anyone ever back out at the last minute? Fine series again.


i think the aussie looks decidedly queasy as the moment looms...

kevin anonymous

great photos, as always. i missed a lot already. keep up the good work!


You are capturing the most unusual and interesting events on this blog.


Un peu kitsh ces rituels ...
Ces gens font-ils cela pour s'amuser ou sont-ils profondément sérieux ?
belle série en tous cas.

luna miranda

i'm anticipating your crucifixion shots...but you said Safran only stayed crucified for 5 minutes! does that earn him bragging rights? i wonder what was going in his mind on the 3rd photo.


Love the costumes and the fake hair.

OT: think you made a remark about my photo of Julie and her possible relationship to me or my son. She's just a friend, you know, thé girlfriend is someone else. She dances, but haven't had the chance to take photos of her dancing yet.


Oops, forgot to comment: I like third from top shot best. Could have been more dramatic with less focus on background. Not to say that I did not enjoy the other images. Fact is I really like all of them a lot.


Well, I got to say that Safran looks a little pensive in his situation(who wouldn't be.) As one might expect, budoy looks resolved, as in the power in heaven is with me so who or what can hurt me!

Just like all the others, sidney, I can't wait how this event concludes.

Safran, if he goes all the way, sure has guts or as the pinoy saying goes, "malakas ang loob, sira ang ulo," meaning, gutsy, but crazy!


these are really amazing images. i'm glad you are getting some with the assistant in them (red shirt, red, white, blue cap). the spiritual assistant always plays such an interesting role - doing so much of the work and preparation and yet getting little limelight or recognition.


can't wait to see photos of them nailed on the cross!


Du théâtre et pourtant tellement inspirés. Mais savent ils ce qu'ils font?




great coverage.. I remember many years ago a faith healer named Amang Frank carried the cross for 13 kms every Good Friday.


I'm not sure this is going to be a spoiler for his anticipated new series for Aussie audience. :)

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